Silence is Violence: New Normal

February 1, 2024

It is 2023 and we are still living through a global pandemic. It is a moment of deepening economic and racial inequality, rising authoritarianism, and disparate experiences of connection, safety, and belonging. Access to mental, physical, and social wellness in the United States is increasingly more tied to disability status, age, education, income, race, gender, sexual orientation, and immigration status. 2023 is also a time of rapid growth and possibility in technology, medical science, and racial, social, and climate justice reform, as we re-evaluate and re-imagine ways to live, work, and care for one another. In an evening of poetry, monologues, and performance, presented in-person and via simultaneous livestream, YPT students, playwrights, and other featured artists from around the United States present an honest assessment of the “new normal” in 2023, and then imagine themselves into the near future, offering their boldest dreams, challenges, and intentions for 2026.